Authentic GRAV™ Buying Guide

How can you be sure you’re buying an authentic GRAV™ piece?

Genuine GRAV™?

GRAV’s scientific glass is incredibly popular, making it a prime target for counterfeit duplication. GRAV™ recommends that you only buy our products from trusted retailers. If it’s not genuine GRAV™, it doesn’t have GRAV™ quality, function, or customer support.

Is your shop one of our trusted retailers??

GRAV™ does not sell directly to customers. You can only purchase GRAV™ from authorized GRAV™ retailers, both online and in stores. STORE LOCATOR

Is the price too good to be true??

GRAV™ works hard to bring you the best possible piece at the best possible price, but that doesn’t mean we are the cheapest. So if a price seems too good to be true in comparison to prices offered by other retailers, then it probably is.

Is it being shipped from overseas??

All GRAV™ products are shipped to our retailers from our warehouse in Austin, TX.  Any product being shipped to you from overseas that claims to be GRAV™ is 100% fraudulent.

Does GRAV™ even make this kind of product? ?

One of the easiest ways to spot a GRAV™ counterfeit is to check if it’s a product currently in production.  You can see our complete, current line of products at  After all, it’s much easier to copy our logo than our glass.

Does it come complete with GRAV™ accessories??

We include functionally matched accessories with every piece we sell.

Is the seller using stolen photos to advertise??

If the seller is using a photo watermarked with a DIFFERENT website, you should assume they’re selling stolen or counterfeit goods.

Think you've bought a fake??

The decal is crooked or misspelled, sloppily constructed, bad glass welds, not even made out of borosilicate. What can you do?  Contact the seller and try to get a refund.

Why buy authentic GRAV™??

GRAV™ has spent the last 12 years crafting some of the highest quality glass in the industry. We’re serious about our products and our brand, and stand behind everything we sell. Buying authentic GRAV™ products from an authorized retailer supports thousands of people nationwide. Thank you for the continued support.

Support innovation. Reject forgery. Buy authentic GRAV™!
Please report any suspected counterfeit GRAV™ to: trademark[at]grav .com