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Some Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I purchase Grav Labs products??

Grav Labs is sold exclusively through fine retail shops nationwide. We don’t sell our products directly to the public. Use our store locator to find a store near you that carries our products.

Having some Helix issues??

Unless the three Helix pin holes are not completely open (you can put your thumb over the ground joint and blow to test) then your helix is in working order. Because all of our pipes are handmade, there are often variations in the size of the holes vs. the size of the pin holes. This means that you have to grind your herbs to test for optimal air-flow. Each Helix is different but they have all been tested and we’ve never had a return for a product that doesn’t spin

Is my Helix working??

Take a look at this video for some help:

How do you use the Helix Vape Pen??

We have a very simple user manual that you can reference. Please download a copy of it right here.

I love Grav and want to help!?

It is always the highlight of our day to know that our users are loving their Grav! Be sure to tag and hashtag us in those beautifully clean glass photos at,, and If you don’t follow us, you should. Giveaways are our jam!